The International Informatization Academy is a unique Academy, providing a full range of business and customer oriented information and consulting as well as other kinds of services to Governments, Organizations, Corporations and IIA members and partners alike.

The International Informatization Academy's success in this particular area is driven by its ability to deliver time and cost-effective information and services through its branches, located in different countries.

Since the establishment of the IIA, Montreal Headquarters, it has quickly got the leading position on the international market. A position that the International Informatization Academy has consistently maintained over the past years.

The International Informatization Academy's distinctive nature and power stems from the deep-rooted international ties and unique contacts that the IIA enjoys.


IIA-Canada provides services in the following fields:

  • Public Relations
  • Development of cultural and economical relations between countries and regions
  • Information (including first-hand information regarding available projects) and Information Technology
  • Consultations and expertise on international projects
  • International project administration and management
  • Introduction and presentation of western corporations (their products and services) to eastern countries
  • Financial programs and investment projects
  • Human ecology and ecological problems of the environment
  • Science, Education, Art and Culture
  • Medicine (Traditional and Non-Traditional)
  • Information-Publishing activities
  • Charitable activities


The services provided by the International Informatization Academy are of two types:


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