The Organization of American States (OAS) and the International Informatization Academy





The Organization of American States and the International Informatization Academy consolidating their efforts in informatizing global community.
Taking into account the worldwide importance of Organization of the American States and International Informatization Academy, holding the General Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council, understanding the need for both parties concerned to facilitate the rise and development of informatizational civilization. Having in mind expediency and necessity to consolidate efforts in updating informational resources and knowledge in the field of Informatization.
Recognizing the great contribution the OAS made to ensure development of the countries in American continent and its impact on the entire worlds, stressing the great contribution made by the OAS to the emergence and development of the United Nations The two parties consider it necessary to concentrate their activities in the following directions:
The OAS and the IIA will promote consolidation of intellectual, organizational, informational and other resources to create and develop the Infrastructure for informatizing the member countries of the United Nations.
The IIA enjoying Consultative Status (first category) with the UN (ECOSOC) in its editions i.e. newspapers and magazines will constantly promote the OAS activities, will carryout large-scale actions to prepare worldwide support for the coming 50th anniversary of the OAS.
Noble objectives to preserve peace and ensure development of the uniform global informative honey comb community, and
The branches of the Academy in Moscow, New York, Washington, Paris, Berlin, London, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Geneva, Riga, Montreal and other cities and countries will launch briefings, conferences, lectures and exhibitions, related to activities and celebration of the 50th OAS anniversary.
To mark the 50th OAS anniversary the presidium of IIA will award the international prize "For outstanding merits in the field of informatizing global community" and hand it over to well known statesmen and public figures, scientists and experts.
The OAS states and the IIA consider it necessary to jointly prepare and carry out in 1998 in Washington (USA) the seventh International Forum of Informatization (IIF-98) marking the 50th anniversary of the OAS.